A mythic spectacular

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Just before the fireworks began downtown on Friday night, the spectacular Opening Ceremony of the Rugby World Cup took place at Eden Park.
I’ve just watched it for the second time, on TV on demand. I feel so proud of NZ for putting on such a fabulous piece of theatre, full of mythic archetypes, beauty, movement and power. TVNZ has the video available for 5 more days – so do take a look (don’t be put off by the adverts – they don’t last long)
The photo is of water on the wild west coast – one that captures some of the feeling of the Opening Ceremony (since I can’t access an actual image)



  1. lifeonthecutoff

    Your rugby ceremony sounds wonderful and reasons enough to be proud of New Zealand. I am enjoying your enthusiasm across the thousands of miles. I was unable to open up the link, but, fear not as I will try again in the morning.

  2. Lynley

    We can feel very proud of that opening ceremony.

    The photo you have included captures the scenes we witnessed in the stadium at times during the ceremony.

  3. Marilyn

    It certainly was a wonderful ceremony, Juliet, I enjoyed every moment of it.


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