A Magnolia Moment

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 I was struggling up a hill, on my walk to the library. My head was full of lists, tasks done and undone, and my bones were sore.

 I smelt the blossom before I saw it. Such is the way of things when Spring bounces out from behind gloomy grey clouds and presents her latest delights.

 I raised my head and drank in the fragrance. All the debris in my brain dissolved like honey in warm milk. My aches dropped into dust on the pavement. And there I stood

 in wonder, at how nature lifts us up and out of the mire, and into a realm of beauty. At those fragrant cups of promise, opening to the blue of the sky.
My bones hummed and my feet filled with feathers as I tripped along up the hill, continuing with my day, a smile on my face and gladness in my eyes, for I had just had

a magnolia moment.


  1. Joan

    I had such a lot of catching up here Juliet.. and thank you. Reading through your posts was meeting the essense of spring! Uplifting indeed. I am feeling much better and beginning to get that de-cluttering urge that comes with spring. Thank you thank you!

  2. juliet

    Joan, lovely to see you here again! and I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better. Thank you.

  3. Hotly Spiced

    I love magnolia trees and I’ve always wanted to have a hedge of them across my front fence. They’re so beautiful. And they really do emphasis that Spring has arrived xx

  4. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet .. I love magnolias and you tell a great story here – Spring is so uplifting isn’t it .. still we have wonderful scents in Autumn days too ..

    Mum had a magnolia, where our cats are buried!, in Cornwall – and I drove past that cottage yesterday … all overgrown – and when Mum was there she created the most amazing veg garden …

    So happy memories with your magnolias – they are beautiful spring blooms … and remembrance ones too .. cheers Hilary

  5. juliet

    * Hi Charlie, what a lovely thought, to have a hedge of magnolias. There are so many different varieties, all beautiful and fragrant. Thank you.

    * Hilary, how lovely to hear of your mother’s magnolia. It’s sad when a once-loved garden becomes neglected. So glad this post brings back some happy memories for you. Thank you for visiting.

  6. Ruth P

    Beautiful post Juliet! Daphne affects me like this too, i.e. becoming aware of the scent before I stop to notice what a busy day has almost blinded me to. Your photos are very beautiful, I almost feel my own head tilted back to take in the loveliness.

  7. juliet

    Ruth, thank you for your beautiful response. Daphne is a big favourite of mine too, but I haven’t succeeded in growing it. I love what you say about tilting your head back to take in the loveliness. Thank you.

  8. lifeonthecutoff

    What can be better than just this, Juliet? A magnolia moment. Enjoy!

  9. juliet

    Penny, welcome back!

  10. Anonymous

    Oh wonderful and now as we slide into weedy autumn i have had a magnolia moment too. i have planted a beautiful one right outside my bedroom french doors so in the spring i catch as much of the fragrance as possible. it is called Donna’s tree.. have a lovely day! celi from the kitchens garden farmy

  11. juliet

    Hi Celi, great to see you here and to think of your magnolia all set and ready to delight you in the spring. Thank you.

  12. Vicki Lane

    The magnolia against the sky is utterly breathtaking!

  13. juliet

    Thank you Vicki. I was inspired by it.


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