I was struggling up a hill, on my walk to the library. My head was full of lists, tasks done and undone, and my bones were sore.

 I smelt the blossom before I saw it. Such is the way of things when Spring bounces out from behind gloomy grey clouds and presents her latest delights.

 I raised my head and drank in the fragrance. All the debris in my brain dissolved like honey in warm milk. My aches dropped into dust on the pavement. And there I stood

 in wonder, at how nature lifts us up and out of the mire, and into a realm of beauty. At those fragrant cups of promise, opening to the blue of the sky.
My bones hummed and my feet filled with feathers as I tripped along up the hill, continuing with my day, a smile on my face and gladness in my eyes, for I had just had

a magnolia moment.