Oh no! We’ve gone down to the beach to find the swing, but the tide is full and rushing in, and the little one won’t be able to swing today

 โ€”or so I thought. She has other ideas. Maybe she can’t swing, but the swing

can have a swing! There it goes.

You have to be so quick to catch it.

And again, and again. Then a question: ‘Granny, is the tide coming in or going out?’

 Let’s find out. We need to draw a line in the sand. Then watch.

We have to be patient. But we discover that the line in the sand stays intact. We had arrived at the beach just as the tide was turning, and now it’s definitely going out,

 and it’s time to swing out over the waves

 Wheee! this is such fun.

 And so is this!

Some days are just perfect.

And just to finish, lets catch some foam in our hands.
Every tide is different.
Every day is different.
We go to the same little beach, never quite sure what we will find.
One thing is for sure though: next time we bring our bathing togs. No more lines in the sand or waiting for the waves to recede. Next time we will jump in and get as wet as we wish.