A golden day

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 I’m back at last, and I’ve missed you all. After two weeks of I.T. challenges, including the loss of all my photos, I am (almost back on track). A couple of hours ago my photos were restored (however now I can’t send emails!) But enough of that, because I want to tell you about the golden day, when I ran away to the beach, into a world that dances to a more leisurely tune. The sun shone and the lupins were alight, like candles.

 the stream was serene and soothing,

 and the beach as calm as a summer’s day. It was so warm that I peeled off many layers.

 I walked, I drifted like the tides, and towards the end of the afternoon wandered back, having lost all sense of time.

 and what should I see, to crown this perfect day, but a figure in white down by the lagoon.

A spring wedding is a risky business, but this bride had the best of luck, getting married on a golden day between the gusts and the rain, and edging her way down to the water for a beautiful set of photos.

It does me good to drift back to this day of blessings, remembering the restorative power of nature, which never fails.


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