It’s been raining for three days. But when I arrived at the bach, the rain rolled back into the clouds. I spread a table cloth over the table on the deck, added a vase of dandelions and some other little yellow flowers, and sat outside to eat a delicious evening meal: courgette and carrot bake, steamed fresh beans, locally grown broccoli, and lettuce from my garden, garnished with red capsicum and tomato slices. The dressing was tangy: olive oil and lemon, and it sang on my palate like a young soprano.
Through the heavy humid air, the piercing of bird song, with little spear-like notes surrounded me. As I sat, the words began to flow once more. They’d been sent into hiding with all the end-of-year business and organising, leaving little space for this blog.
Now the rain has resumed, and the garden plants are sighing with thankfulness.
My holiday has begun.

PS Out here I’m on slow time. My computer is on dial-up and it took 46 minutes to download this photo. So posting on the blog will take patience. I really appreciate your comments; if you haven’t done this before it’s quite easy.