Are you seeking a deeper sense of connection, with yourself, others and the sacred dimension of life?

Through my books, talks and rituals I’ve been exploring ways to connect people with their inspiration for over three decades.

It can be hard to find inner peace when the world is so full of suffering. There may be times when you feel expanded by love, creativity, spirituality, or the blessings of nature, yet you return to worldly problems that seem insoluble.

This internal struggle can sap your energy and hope. Living in a world that bombards you with information can feel bewildering and overwhelming. Perhaps you long for a place of balance from which to experience ongoing joy and enthusiasm, yet this place eludes you.

You seek to feel energised, in the flow of life, to express your full potential and expand into wellbeing on all levels.

And you can find this ongoing connection. I will help you clear obstacles, tap into your wellspring and discover the delights of an expanded life.

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Here’s a video interview with me by German film-maker Simone Specht, done for a German website on change-makers from different parts of the world.

You may be wondering, can my approach really help you?

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