Creativity Coaching:

To enable you to move through creative blocks, complete your PhD, Masters thesis or other projects, and to realise your full creative possibilities.


My career as an artist began with a blank piece of cloth. I was learning batik for the first time, and had no idea how to make a design. It was painful confronting such a block, and to have no help. I learned the hard way, finding my own ways through, and eventually became an exhibiting artist. Later, as a writer I found even more ease and pleasure in expressing my creativity.


In the 1980s I began teaching creative process classes, working with people who had never considered themselves artists. My firm belief is that everyone is born creative, and with the right guidance can access the joy of the creative flow. I’ve seen it happen year after year, with individuals as well as groups of up to 100, making collaborative art. It is a delight and a passion of mine to help clients make creative breakthroughs and freely express their essence.


Having written a PhD thesis in the 1960s, I am familiar with the challenges and the loneliness of this endeavour. I have worked successfully with a number of clients to release their blocks and enter a creative flow with their academic writing. It’s a special pleasure to see students let go of the pain, enjoy their writing and complete their projects with great satisfaction.


Mid-life, spirited ageing, and spiritual emergence:

In midlife you are asked to commit to your greatest potential and make empowering choices about how you wish to age. Integrating the shadow and working with creativity and spirituality are keys to this work.

After midlife you are challenged to draw on greater resources as you age. By embracing spirited ageing you can grow older with positivity and confidence.


My qualifications

BA in English, French, Anthropology, Psychology and Art History. MA in English, PhD in English, Diploma Counselling (Psychosynthesis); Diploma Psychotherapy (Psychosynthesis), plus years of experience working with individuals and groups since the 1980s.


How a consultation works

I offer you fifty minutes of quality time, deep listening and experienced guidance.

At our first consultation we will agree on how many sessions might be needed. To guide you I will use a range of approaches drawn from my training as a psychotherapist as well as years of experience exploring personal growth and spiritual practices.

My fee is $160 for a consultation

For more information, please contact me.

I first went to see Juliet with writer’s block that persisted even as my PhD supervisors were reading the riot act. She helped me distinguish the difference between it all being a grind, and being in the slipstream of intuitive writing and thinking. Working with Juliet got me to slow down, identify the mechanisms that paralysed me, and ‘see’ who I am as an integrated, holistic person. She knows about the process of bringing a thesis into being, and the discipline of writing. Her knowledge of academia and her considerable skills as a psychotherapist were a potent mix that was exactly what I needed to pull myself out of the mire. Come see her if you want to get that PhD back on track, I can’t recommend her highly enough.

—Jane Horan PhD


Thank you for your consistent warmth and kindness. It has been a genuine pleasure to have met you and I can see why the therapeutic community holds you in such high esteem. Amongst other things, I take with me a beautiful model of what I hope to grow into and embody as I grow older.

—Gaylene  Jakicevich, psychotherapist.